June 17, 2011


There was something surprisingly enriching about entering a snail mail contest. Holding my manuscript pages, paper clipping them and using my best ink pen to fill out my contest form. Counting out the correct postage and selecting the stamps. I actually enjoyed it better than the all electronic entry method of the Duel on the Delta entry. That doesn't really surprise me, since I still like wooden pencils over mechanical, jars and cans over plastic, and other old school things. Admittedly, I have higher expectations for this contest than I did Duel on the Delta, my first with CHASING THE LION.

Category 5 is being coordinated by the Woodlands, TX Chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers, Writers On The Storm. Details can be found here and unless you're entering the General Fiction category (hehe), give it a look.  

Writers On The Storm

I'm equally excited about my second contest entry that went out today. A little fan fiction piece for Karen Witemeyer's newest release, TO WIN HER HEART. A big shout out to Mom and my critique partner Whitney who critiqued my entry, which was no easy task given the two main characters both had unique voices. One a heavy brogue accent and the other, the natural slang of being educated by life instead of the school master.
There's still time to grab a copy of this great historical romance and enter the contest.

Karen Witemeyer FanFic Contest

I told Karen on the Seekerville blog that I loved her idea of a fanfic contest, and was filing it away for future reference. It's not a bad marketing tool either, as Karen was an unknown author to me and I bought her book specifically to be able to enter the contest. Then fell in love with it while I read it in one sitting!

Happy writing, reading, or whatever floats your boat ;-)

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