June 28, 2011

Grace, Point of View, and the Crazy Things People Do

     I've come to understand in recent weeks the ability of point of view (POV) to make or break an entire novel. By the way, fellow debut authors, in case I'm not the only who did not know this - third person omniscient is a thing of the past (i.e. Head Hopping). One POV at a time, preferably per scene and chapter, with very logical and deliberate breaks when switching. It's amazing the way having to rewrite and adhere to this has illuminated Chasing the Lion and really brought out the emotions of the story by going into a single, deep, POV.
     This has impacted my non-writer life recently as well. I've honed in on the fact my own POV of my circumstances matters even more than in my pages. Whether or not some moment, mistake, or memory is a missed opportunity or a triumph of obedience shouldn't depend on my mood, my feelings, or 'shifts' in my POV. My POV should stay rooted in God's truth, and an obedient spirit that takes joy in being obedient to the Lord. I praise my unfailing God for refusing to let go of me and go my own way, and that even when I do, Christ's mercy and grace are there.

     I've experienced a lot of grace. Most in my own life, some in my character's, and a particular occasion I want to share that happened last week. I spilled Coke all over a library book. And I can't really call it an accident when I set the cup next to the book in the truck thinking if I turned too fast or braked too hard it would spill. I know. LOL. I'm a mess. But God loves me anyway, Amen!
     When I took it to my friends at my local library who all know me by name now, I was prepared to have to pay for it. Even though the whole point of utilizing my library is to NOT spend money needed elsewhere on books. And the most amazing thing happened.They wouldn't let me. Even though it was clear I had done quite a bit of damage to the book. I left the library that day having just come face to face with what it feels like to receive Christ's grace. I was able to translate that into a moving scene where my hero has at last returned to his faith. Then recall it some days later when I stumbled and fell in my faith journey. Seeing the hazard, thinking I can handle it, then 'spilling the coke'.
     I'd like to tell you like my heroine, I hit my knees, repented in earnest right away and picked that cross back up. But I didn't. How I have not yet learned that hiding out from God is useless, I don't know. It took Jonathan, my hero, 70K+ words to get it and had to literally have it beaten into him. I'm thankful God is more patient with me than I am with my characters!

I know what a beautiful thing grace is. But like salvation, we have to take the gift. And with that thought, here's a song that is the anthem of one of my characters... a very interesting woman who I've fallen in love with since she first showed up in my head months ago and demanded to be included. Her part of Chasing the Lion is nearly finished, and so then, the book. Those two beautiful words are so close I can almost touch them... "The End". But until then, I'll keep typing away and letting the music that's contributed so much to the writing of this novel play nice and loud.

Enjoy Caelina's song, Someone Worth Dying For by mikeschair 

Or my song. A song about Grace. You Are More by TenthAvenueNorth


Link said...

There's a song by Linkin Park, "Iridescent" that I think you'd enjoy while writing. My favorite line in is "Remember all the sadness and frustration. And let it go. Let it go."

Nancy Kimball said...

Thanks, I'll check it out. I do love their song "What I've Done."