June 5, 2011

The Power of the Page

It was a difficult week for this writer, as my father faced some extraordinary health challenges beginning last weekend. Praise the Lord he is at home now and recovering very well, and I am amazed anew at the power of our Lord Jesus Christ and the peace that knowing Him brings in times of fear and trouble.
Of course... I was also reminded how no matter how strong your faith, circumstances can shake it, and facing the loss of a parent well... can shake it pretty hard. (So for Chasing the Lion, I feel reassured the believability of several of the story arcs are genuine, because I lived one this week.) 

I can't imagine what it would be like to have had this happen with deadlines looming and my hat goes off to those writers who handle emergencies and the unexpected within the framework of their writing commitments. I of course, being yet unpublished, did not have to worry about that and was reminded again there are things that are blessings about enjoying this season of the journey toward publication. 

With so much time in the hospital, being buoyed by the support of friends and family through prayer and encouragement and overwhelming offers of aid, I got to do a lot of reading. So much, I exhausted the TBR (to be read) pile! Then while my dad was sleeping and I knew I better go recharge my batteries before I was useless, I slipped out to get some James Coney comfort food and some comfort reads from my friends in Seekerville (http://www.seekerville.blogspot.com/). But of course there's no B&N or Borders near hospitals, which is unfortunate, and the plethora of drug stores only carried the top ten New York Bestsellers which while I can appreciate them in their own right, were not what I was in need of. I had just about given up when I spotted a Kroger grocery store and gave it one more try.

There on the shelf, was not only one, but SIX Love Inspired novels, including SMALL TOWN HEARTS by Ruth Logan Herne of Seekerville. The Lord had heard my prayer and answered with a big YES! That's my Daddy God who was taking care of His girl just like my earthly Daddy does when he's not down for the count like this week. For the time I spent in the pages of that sweet romance between Danny and Megan, I was able to rest my mind and my soul from the very real circumstances surrounding me and escape into a wonderful world of chocolate, hot air balloons, and biblical lessons. I could forget the uncomfortable vinyl chair and my worries and enjoy the story. Escape from reality? Sure. But I don't think that's always a bad thing. I just know I needed to and God made a way with a story that fit the bill perfectly.

I often pray that CHASING THE LION reaches people in powerful ways for Christ. I always thought it would be revealing some aspect of Christ's love and sacrifice in a tangible way to the reader, leading people to the Lord or making them examine their relationships with their loved ones and those they have yet to forgive. I have a new picture of what that looks like now, offering this work as a gift to the Lord and letting him use it how he will in whoever becomes involved with it, especially readers. Sometimes, it can just be the story pulling the reader out of their own for a few hours or days and being that green pasture like David wrote about in Psalm 23. Like Small Town Hearts was for me.

Now that Dad is bouncing back better than ever, I've been able to return to the writing, catch up on critiques and do some editing on Chasing the Lion. I've got an approaching deadline with a contest that has been a fun aside coming up that I'll get to pick back up again. The laundry and vacuuming will just have to wait till next weekend. Again =)

Below is a picture of my father. In writer's terms, it's worth sharing that growing up, our external conflict with one another was of epic and enduring proportions. Our characterization was only separated by a chromosome and 32 years. Characters identical in the stubborn streak that made up the bulk of our motivation and made for some volatile story arcs ;-) It takes the power of God, lots of perspective, and looking beyond my own character and scenes with my father to the ones of his own life that came long before I was born to understand him. Every thing he ever did, even the mistakes he made and the things that hurt, were rooted in love for his family and his own unmet needs because of a faith in God that had waned to embers in the ashes of the American Dream. 

Over the past few years, I've had the privilege of seeing that faith renewed, which is another blessing. I remember a line from the movie Secretariat, which if you haven't seen it, you should. Penny Tweedy is holding her father's hand in what is expected to be his last moments and she says "There's nothing left unsaid between us daddy." Thanks to having been put to the "advanced tutorial" of becoming more Christ-like two years ago, I had that same peace. That if Jehovah Rophi, the God who heals, had chosen to heal my Dad on His side of heaven and not ours, it would have been okay, because there was nothing left unsaid between us. My prayer is you would have that same peace with the loved ones in your life. Because life isn't like writing. You don't get to click New Document and start over, or rescue an accidental delete from the Recycle Bin, and while it's true that with Christ all things can be made new, and I believe and know that with all my heart, that it's the things we don't do that we regret, especially when the 'later' never comes. 

So that story in your head, write it. The one on your hard drive half finished, pick it back up. That call you've needed to make, letter you've needed to send, person you've needed to forgive, just do it. (Relax Nike executives, no copyright infringement intended. ;-)

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. - Ecclesiastes 3:1

You better believe as soon as Dad's up to it, we're heading to the lake! Cherish the times spent with family and friends. I said this to a close friend this week, that the thing about the "last time", for whatever it is, a fishing trip, a friend's laugh, or a kiss... that most of the time you didn't know it was the last time while it was happening. Learning that perspective has not only deepened my writing, but my appreciation for everything God has blessed me with. And hopefully, the next time Dad and I go fishing, God will bless us with a trophy bass hehe. But even if we don't get a single bite, I'll still be so grateful that God blessed me with more time with my Dad. That's the beauty of understanding God and His great love for us. That sometimes the things He withholds are a veiled blessing so we might come to appreciate the simpler, greater blessing, beginning with His Mercy.  


Ruth Logan Herne said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Dad and Small-Town Hearts. First, let me say I'm honored beyond belief, but also just plain tickled pink that a fun, cheeky, candy-store tale of two uncertain souls helped!!!!

YAY!!!! ;)

Elder care is a vital part of our society now and our turn's coming. You have exemplified that, Nancy. God bless you for your strength and your beliefs and your 'pull up your big girl panties and move on' attitude. Awesome. And endearing!

Thank you again, and I married a fisherman. Love 'em!

Nancy Kimball said...

Thank you Ruthy. I married a city boy... and made a fisherman out of him hehe. As a matter of fact though, or the three of us, my husband has the record for the biggest catch. Well... fish that is. I think I have the biggest catch, because my hubby is quite a man =)
Blessings and I'm so looking forward to Mended Hearts!