June 12, 2011

That Writer's High

There's something I find very satisfying about going into a scene with a specific idea of what it needs to accomplish and a general idea of how the characters and setting are going to yield it, then reaching the end of the scene going... Whoa. Just... wow.

Then rereading it and going... did I just write that?

I have a new favorite scene, it took ten chapters in between but I'm absolutely thrilled as more than ever I can see the finish line in site. Those two, beautiful words.

The End.

Chasing the Lion is about to enter it's second contest, at the end of this month. Catagory 5 of the Houston Chapter of ACFW and I'm feeling very good about it with the new opening chapter and updated plot that were a result of the Duel on the Delta contest feedback.

I had another friend today tell me how disappointing it is when a book doesn't have the happily ever after ending. She said she has enough unhappy endings in her own life that she wants her fiction not to give her more. I can understand that. That's where I'm really struggling and wrestling with God's will for the non-writer parts of my life right now. I want to be able to see where the book mark is looking down at the top of my story to know if I'm close to the end where Sovereign God has promised my HAE, or if I'm not even to the middle yet. Not knowing is all part of the journey.

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