August 7, 2011

The Response. My own.

This is what 30,000 people gathered in the name of Jesus looks like.

As a writer, defaulting to the cliche "you just had to be there" is difficult for me. What I can say is it's been fifteen years since I've felt the fire of God falling and physically exhausted myself in prayer and worship baring everything before the Lord individually and corporately. There was nothing like it, and I believe I and everyone there tasted of Heaven and the new Jerusalem for seven hours. Video archives should be up soon, here's the link

Highlights for me were many, and in no order of significance, as follows:
  1. Meeting in person a friend from Dallas, TX who drove down for the event and propelled me to attend without knowing it. I did have the thought 'you know, this would be a great time for radicals to bomb a bunch of believers all at once' but I covered it by CHASING THE LION and walking straight through my fear knowing Jehovah Nissi, The Lord My Banner would go before me.
  2. When Pastor Tony Evans of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and The Urban Alternative ministry spoke. (I listen to him every morning on KSBJ!) 
    • How do we expect to be one nation under God, when we haven't learned how to be one church under God? - Whew, talk about O-K???, but we were doing it Sat. August 6th, 2011 believing for the Third Great Awakening.
    • This is the one that got me - Everyone else is coming out, it's time for believers to come out too. Yes, we need to vote, and elect leaders who will follow the bible, and legislation is important, VERY IMPORTANT, but at the end of the day....
    • God defined marriage in creation. One man, one woman, for life. End of story.
    • Yes, I've signed the Manhattan Declaration, available here if you haven't yet. But God called me to do more. 
    • So instead of just a link here in my blog under my fave places on the web, ABORT 73 now has it's own banner. 
    • 54 Million babies who never drew a breathe, their blood is crying out like Abel's and it's time to get serious. We've got Temples of Baal in cities all across America where children are sacrificed on alters of convenience and lies. Educate yourself, then educate the world. When we remain silent, evil still wins. 
Lord, I plead your blood over my sins and the sins of my nation. 
God, end abortion and bring revival to America. 
And number three... and believe me when I say this is the shortest, tightest version of this I can write. In the time of personal repentance and obedience, asking God to speak to idols, God called me to give up my novel. That's right, you read that correctly, and believe me, it's not without precedent, as God had called me to give up Twilight, which I'd made into a golden calf, several years ago. (That's another story for another time.) I fought so hard, as I'm sure Abraham did when God told him to sacrifice Isaac, the chosen son of promise. But with everything God has brought me through, and everything I learned the hard way while doing it, I knew it wasn't worth it. So I said "Ok God. Done. I'll lay it down for you. I'll do anything for you." Just like the Twilight purge, I was prepared to come home and do a CHASING THE LION purge. 

But the most amazing thing happened. God honored my obedience about a half hour later and I received  a sign from the Lord through the prayer of another and a stirring in my heart and God, like manna from Heaven, poured the end of the book into my heart and head. I freaked! I was like, God, was that you? What are you doing??? I knew it was, because I'd never think of anything that brilliant by myself, LOL but I obviously wanted to be very sure God was putting a ram in the bush. But He did. And just like I'd started the book in the wrong place, I'd ended it in the wrong place, but after surrendering it to the Lord in an obedient act of faith, the Lord gave it back, even better. Now I just pray I stay yielded and obedient to steward it well. 

I am a broken, scarred, sinful, willful mess... but my King, my Abba, through His perfectly holy and righteous blood, sees only his creation, his daughter, his bride. Jesus will always be the ultimate hero of my heart, a lion who became a lamb, who WAS who He said He was, did what He said He came to do, and WILL RETURN. Lord, let me serve you well until then or until your work for me is finished. I will proclaim your name, your truth, and speak for the weak. 


Jackie said...

Wow, Nancy. I'm sitting here with goosebumps. I love the part about everyone else is coming out, it's time for us to come out too.
And God is so Awesome. If you gave your book up for God, I have no doubt you'll stay yielded and obedient to His direction as well!
Have a great day!

Nancy Kimball said...

Thanks Jackie. If there ever was a time believers needed to be OPENLY CHRISTIAN it's now.
Giving Christ like love isn't about intolerance, or hate, it's about us taking care of our own selves and making sure we're right with the Lord and praying and trusting the Holy Spirit with everyone else while showing Christ's love and mercy and forgiveness to the world around us.
Thanks for stopping by!