September 6, 2011


No, not the kind the Bible talks about, I mean the publishing kind.

Today was "THE DAY" and now that I've met my querying goal, I can celebrate with a Snickers Ice Cream Bar and buckle down on the new novel. It surprised me how truly terrified I was to click send. I'd proofed, tested formatting across e-mail platforms, everything I could think of to make the queries and proposals as perfect and professional as possible. Even still, I felt my heart racing and my hands shaking with my finger over the mouse. I had an opportunity to remember what it feels like to chase a lion of fear with just God, and that was positive. It had been a long time since I'd had to. Fortunately I tried to keep that perspective when one of my blind carbon copies to myself revealed google thought I had forwarded one of the queries and turned almost all the text purple. Formatting was my biggest hurdle throughout the day and let me tell you fellow writers, you need to be so careful with cutting and pasting and losing your formatting. Even though it "looks" right in your compose window, it can look completely different for the recipient. Things like extra spaces between paragraphs, turning your font purple or blue if you forward, even if it's a cut and re-paste, those kinds of things. All I can hope is that for the agent who gets the purple font, or any of the crazy formatting makes it through to others, the heart of the story will overcome it.

I'm adopting the Ronco method now of "Set it... and forget it!" with CHASING THE LION. I've got a goal date for the new work in process  that feels a lot like NaNoWriMo two months early, but you seize the opportunities as they come and a little birdie strongly suggested being ready with the new manuscript by October.

I'm giving a 10 page critique to one randomly selected commenter who shares what submitting a query or proposal for the first time was like. And if you haven't yet, how will you know when you're ready?

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