October 15, 2011

Another Contest Win!

A night I will NEVER forget!!!

And this video tells why, LOL 
(Also our drawing winners are in here.) 
If the video acts up, its also on youtube HERE.

Ronie Kendig, who writes Rapid Fire Fiction (Military Thrillers) and I know many readers out there are anxiously awaiting Firethorn, Book 4 of the Discarded Heroes Series releasing January 2012. 
(It's her fault I forgot the drawing, LOL, because every time I see her I just get so excited!)

DiAnn Mills. I finally met her, the author of Leather and Lace, the first Christian novel I ever read. While I was gushing like a little school girl, hehe, and telling her it was my favorite of her novels, it turns out its still hers too! That was cool. If you've never read Leather and Lace, you're missing out and it needs to go in your to be read pile immediately. I'm holding her newer release Under A Desert Sky and it will be one of the books I'll be giving away soon.

And here's the real reason my best laid plan fell COMPLETELY apart, LOL.
This is me, after winning the ACFW Writers on the Storm Category 5 Contest with CHASING THE LION. From left to right are Janice Hanna Thompson, Linda Kozar, me, and Martha Rogers. I've known these ladies a few months now so the 'oh my gosh this is <insert any one of their names> and they're actually talking to me, know my name, etc.' has started to wear off. They're just such amazing writers and women of faith, and so encouraging for those starting out like me I can't help but start to feel at home around them.

So the first time I get to put that beautiful award-winning in front of my name. Okay, here goes... deep breath...

Award-Winning Author Nancy Kimball

Oh, its just SO pretty, hehe. Thanks for letting me celebrate. I hope this is another step closer to seeing Jonathan's story and CHASING THE LION published one day, and I'm so grateful to Janice and the authors of Writers on the Storm for organizing such a great contest. 

I said to my boss at the day job this summer, when his little league baseball team won the championships, "You know, you should be proud just to have made it to the finals." He said "Of course, but it feels good to win too." Well, I have to say... yeah, it does. ;-) Thank you God, for this story, amazing men and women who have gone before me on this long and winding writer journey, and for my friends and family who encourage me so much. Write on!


Whitney said...

Congratulations, Nancy, I am SO proud of you! You’re absolutely glowing—beautiful. : )
And congrats to the winners of the drawings! Which, by the way, Nancy, your bag o’ books AND the T-shirt had me all excited. I just love books—the way they look, feel, smell, and of course, their stories! And the shirt, well, can I just say “cool!” Love the pics you shared, too!
Congrats again on the WIN, Nancy! The first of many. : )
Peace and Blessings,

Nancy Kimball said...

Whitney! My blog has made peace with you, hehe! YAY!!! Thank you so much my friend.

Whitney said...

Well, it bent to my way of thinking a little. :p It still won't let me post under my Google account, like on Seekerville, but it will let me do something generic, like under "name and url", so there you go. :p

Jackie said...

Nancy, I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!!!!!
You look beautiful in your pictures and so excited! Thanks for sharing this with us.

Nancy Kimball said...

Thank you, Jackie.
I had no idea they were repaving the interstate so I was stuck in traffic for over an hour and had lots of time to do my makeup in the car, LOL.
That's how I missed the announcement of the winners and since I'd entered the contest months ago and confused the organizers by not using my pseudonym on the entry form, I walked around a long time having no clue, hehe.
Then I made a comment to Linda that I always say I enter a contest for the feed-back but secretly keep hoping I win. Then Janice figured it out and the next fifteen minutes is kind of a blur to be honest. =)