October 23, 2011

How I Almost Got In Trouble With Jesus

I love kids, I really do. I prefer them in small quantities, and if in great quantities, then in small doses. Being a natural born leader, I also love to problem solve, and find the most efficient way to handle any task or project (which is why they love me at the 'day job'.)

Well the two collided earlier today while volunteering at church. Our church family collected boxes of food for those who lost their homes in the extreme wild fires in Texas last month. Lots of boxes of food, praise the Lord! Well it came time to load them onto the truck and I climbed on in there with one or two other adults to "help".

Now I'm a writer, a history buff, and a natural born leader... which made for a bad battle of the mind because clearly, the "best" way to do this is Henry Ford style, assembly line, make a chain and hand off then slide the boxes, right? Of course. Here's the problem though... a big moving truck is like some sort of kid magnet and all these kids were in the truck too. Most too small to be able to scoot these boxes of canned goods and staples even a few inches without Herculean effort and mostly 'in the way'. So I'm exhausting myself working around these little kids getting quite the wrong attitude about this entire situation and finding out I've been spending WAY too much time in front of the computers, at the day job and the novels in progress. But the last box finally came, and I'm feeling like Jonathan at the end of a rough round of gladiator sparring and ready to drop. I wave my goodbyes, huff and puff over to my truck, pull out, then go back and get my purse (LOL, I know, I know, at least the Holy Spirit reminded me before I got all the way out of the church parking lot.)

Then, because God is awesome like that, he reminded me of something else. I had to look the address up for this post, but I knew the verse and God shot it home, right into my heart still recovering from my weekend warrior moment. "Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'" (Matthew 19:14) So needless to say I was so grateful I'd kept my big mouth closed, kept the annoyance off my face, and in a turn of the heart, thought about those kids in a different way.

First off, someone brought them to church. A parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, whatever, they sure didn't drive there (Unless they're Ricky Bobby maybe.) They're learning the Word of God, through the volunteers in the Children's Ministry who get a huge high five from me, since that's not an area I can serve =) But even more a blessing, those kids were healthy enough to climb in a truck, push a box or two or even just put they're hands on it while me or some 'grown-up' made sure not to smash their fingers or knock them down while sliding it to the next grown-up. They're learning to serve. They're already learning to serve, the best way to learn anything is hands-on. And the best way to teach, to lead, to share Christ, to follow Christ, is by example. I'm just so grateful for the workout today, the lessons, both from Pastor and from the Holy Spirit. And I'm grateful for those kids. Every single last one of them. I'm most grateful to the Lord for doing a good critique of my attitude and then through the Word doing a rewrite of this memory for me today. I'm going to remember that when I'm sore as all get out tomorrow. ;-)


Sandi Rog said...

I could so relate to this post. Thank you for sharing and being honest, Nancy! :-)

Nancy Kimball said...

Sandi! I'm so honored. You are the second published author to ever grace my humble blog with a comment. Thank you for visiting. It really meant a lot to me. =) *HUGS*

Again, anyone reading this who has not yet read Sandi's novel "The Master's Wall"... go get a copy. I keep checking the mailbox everyday for the sequel that just released hoping today is the day. Even though its gonna kill my NaNoWriMo, LOL

Sandi Rog said...

Nancy, you always crack me up. One day you'll be the one gracing your presence on my blog! :-) I hope, anyway. LOL I hope I'm making sense. So tired. It's been a busy day!

Hugs back!

Sandi xxx