December 4, 2011

The Last Straw Isn't Always A Bad Thing

This almost didn't happen this year. I will probably forever be teased now over in Seekerville because of my bah-humbug comments in this post. Ruthy called it on the money when she said, and I quote "NANCY!!!!! YOU ARE THE PERFECT, QUINTESSENTIAL CHRISTMAS HEROINE WHO MUST BE SAVED!!!!" 

Any holiday, Christmas especially, often reminds me of the loved ones I'm not able to spend time with that many people, including me once upon a time, took for granted. It's hard for me to be festive but God is so good and gave me an early gift this year I thought I would share.

This gift came via Linda Kozar at our ACFW Writer's on the Storm Christmas party this past weekend. A simple ornament that simply says "Published Author" we autographed in silver on the other side. Well it was the last straw. That single ornament meant so much to me that I ventured into the attic, found my tree and put it up last night. That night I lit a fire in the fireplace, curled under a blanket on the sofa by my tree (with a good book of course ;-), smiled at my lone stocking hanging on the mantle, and thanked God that he knows just what I need when I need it.
It's beautiful, isn't it? Maybe 2012 will be the year. Martha Rogers did sign her first contract after receiving her first ornament. I'm just saying. =) I'm not worried either way. I know I'm right where I belong in my publishing journey and right now, where I belong period. I'm enjoying my fire again tonight, my tree, and a video I have on loop of a friend playing beautiful acoustic guitar by candlelight. I wish I could post for you all to enjoy but since I can't get his permission, you'll just have to trust me it's awesome. Trust too that God knows right where you're at for whatever you're waiting on or toughing through. And be generous, with your time, your money, and your words of encouragement to loved ones and strangers alike. You never know when you might say or do something that is the last straw that person needs to push them forward for the better. 

And if you want to see what the rest of the party was like, visit the Writer's On The Storm blog HERE to see some seriously horrible books, and some amazing women who enrich not only my writer journey, but my life with their friendship.


Jackie said...

Hi Nancy,
Your tree is beautiful. I'm so glad you decorated for Christmas this year.
It sounds like you've got a great attitude about your writing journey, and I'm sure Jonathan's story will be published soon!
Merry Christmas!

Nancy Kimball said...

Thank you, Jackie. Great to "see" you. =)