January 8, 2012

Did that really just happen?

You know those moments. Those... Did that really just happen moments? I think my friends captured the look of that moment well in this photo from 2009. I got a little too into my drunken rock-star character for a role play mystery and did a spectacular backflip over the back of my loveseat and sent red jell-o flying everywhere. Everywhere. LOL.

Sometimes those moments are light-hearted, like this one. Sometimes they aren't, like this past Monday. My father joined me on the swing in his yard and the limb (Stupid Texas Drought) snapped off the tree and bounced off us on it's way to the ground. The weight of the swing chains and two people put some extra G's on said limb and I ended up with a concussion and deep tissue bruising on my shoulder. The great thing about something like that is by the time you realized what happened, it's already over. Like being in a car crash. Then there's that moment afterward. You know it happened, but you still can't quite wrap your head around it.

As a writer, I love to give those moments to my reader. I love to come across them as a reader. Where something happens and it's so unexpected but so believable I'm stunned. Sometimes life will just happen, and it's funny, or heart-breaking. This should be part of our stories, as much as it is part of our own lives. I'd love to hear some of your "Did that just happen?" moments. =)


Jackie said...

Hi Nancy,
I hope you're feeling better. I wish I was awake enough to share one of those moments with you right now. Need more caffeine.
Take care!

Nancy Kimball said...

I went caffeine free last year but I remember what that was like. 3:49 a.m.? Wow! Sorry I'm replying so late. I neglected my blog all week but have about 6K words to show for it. =D