February 26, 2012

1977 Blast From The Past

My author friend Melissa Maygrove got the "good" blog post out of me this week, LOL. :-p
If you're a writer, pop over there where I guest blogged on pacing. If for no other reason than the amazing graphics. I'm seriously going to reuse that first one sometime, because I love it so much. Nancy Kimball on pacing (Guest blog at Melissa Maygrove)

So what's left for my faithful followers and guests? This fantastic little gem I've been saving for such a time as this. Here it is in all its glory.

The JC Penney catalog from 1977. 

For the formal dining room. In whose house I have no idea. Do you think the table base doubled as storage? Or maybe a cooler? 

I didn't even know they made tank covers back then. There's enough carpet on this commode to make an entire rug set. Which is where carpet is supposed to go by the way. On the floor.

Now for the clothes. The clothes are spectacular.

Apparently in 1977 people were still wearing their pants at their waist like young Billy here. (Doesn't he look like a Billy?) I think it's the belt. The belt makes the pants, which is all I see here. The original purveyor of this photo, who has been lost to cyberspace since 2008, called this belt "a boob-job for your pants." I have to agree.

I don't even have words for this. Except maybe... was this actually considered "hot" back then? Did this look work without the aviators? According to the Leprechaun version in the lower left, it did.

But what if you weren't into a three piece suit? Who needed all that hassle when you could don this baby. The all-purpose jumpsuit. Also suitable for prison wear. The last time I saw hair that thick was... well, never.

I'm pretty sure this was somehow the precursor to the snuggie. That's all I have to say about this one.

Beachwear for the ladies' man in every city. See how he's just waiting for some beach bimbo to latch onto that arm? And what is with that buck-toothed stare into the distance? I have no idea.

No down payment, easy financing, and low miles! I'm pretty sure this is also the orange jumpsuit model. Does anyone else think so? It's hard to tell without a good shot of that hair.

And here we have apparel for the pistachio mafia. What is that chick behind them even there for? To add another "don't even think about it" glare to the photo?

What was so bad about buttoning your shirt? I'm seeing a trend here.

Oh wait. Nevermind.

Last but not least, I guess matching outfits were all the rage. 

I'm pretty sure this is the same belt Billy was wearing.
And this is where I notice these only come as a set, whereas the hideous green covers for the toilet can be purchased in separates. I guess if a single girl wanted that shirt, she was going to have to find a man to give the other one too.

Unless he found her first, haha. Good Lord, this could so double as a romance cover :-p

True love right here. Matching swimwear. Seriously, you can't make this kind of thing up. These swimsuits are probably covering up matching tattoos. Now that's commitment!

Now for some more fun... I think YOU GUYS should caption this one:


BK said...

How interesting. I could swear the man in the shorts/open T-shirt combo (8th photo down) is Doug Barr (Howie Munson from "The Fall Guy"). Sure looks like him. And it seems plausible. I don't remember exactly what years "The Fall Guy" aired, but it was likely early 80's.

Cecelia Dowdy said...

Blast from the past! Actually, I do remember this catalog. The clothing and the home items look so cheesy!! I remember receiving those big thick books in the mail. We also received Sears and Roebuck and Montgomery Wards catalogs, too.

Stephanie Landsem said...

Love your humor, Nancy. I write historical fiction, too, and just found your blog from the ACFW loop. I'll be checking back to see more!

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Oh, what a hoot! And I remember wearing these types of styles...for a child of course as I wasn't an adult in the 70's. My parents were, though, and yep. They sported the latest trends in fashion. Wonder what happened to them years later. They sort of got stuck in the 80s and 90s. LOL! Great post, Nancy.

Kym McNabney said...

This is great! Thanks.

Catherine West said...

Hysterical. And slightly nauseating. I actually had a matching outfit with the neighbor boy. Our mom's were best friends and since I wanted to be a boy anyway and didn't have any siblings she could put matching outfits on, behold the picture of me with short hair, arms linked with my best bud Johnny, both wearing brown cords and brown flannel shirts - love the '70's! Wish I could attach it here because it's a keeper. :0)

Nancy Kimball said...

BK, according to IMDB (International Movie Data Base) the Fall Guy first aired in 1981. I used to watch that show as a little kid, haha. You could be right. Thanks for stopping by =)
I'm listening to the Fall Guy theme song on youtube right now, hehe. Thanks for that! Gosh I miss being a kid.

Nancy Kimball said...

Cecilia, that's awesome. That Sears Roebuck catalog is iconic. Seriously, it's even referenced in one of my favorite novels, Shane by Jack Schaeffer. According to Wiki, the first one was published in 1888. How crazy is that???

Nancy Kimball said...

Stephanie, welcome! My sense of humor can be pretty out there, haha. I'd love to hear more about what kind of historical fiction you write.

Nancy Kimball said...

Thanks Tiffany. It's funny because all day I was like, I've got nothing to blog about tonight. Absolutely nothing. Then I decided to pull out my old saved e-mails that I loved and there she was, a ram in the bush, LOL. Thank you, God! Turns out it was a big hit as I've set a record for most hits in a single day for my little corner of the web here =)

Nancy Kimball said...

Thank you Kim! And thanks for stopping by.

Nancy Kimball said...

Catherine! Thanks for stopping by and sharing that. Cords were awesome. Until you got them wet. Kind of like jeans, haha. That's so funny of your moms but awesome you have such a sense of humor about it. And I wanted to be a boy too. I blame my mom's doctor who told my mom and dad I was a boy before I was born, so I had a blue crib and everything, and since my Dad wanted a son, he just taught me all the guy stuff anyway, like hunting, fishing, working on cars, etc. Being a tomboy was cool! I salute you =) And FYI, Yesterday's Tomorrow is in my TBR pile =)

Dawn Turner said...

Oh, man! Thanks so much for a great laugh today, Nancy! I HAVE to share this on FB and with my mother. I know some other gals that will get a royal kick out of it. *G*

Nancy Kimball said...

Share away Dawn, share away. It is pretty spectacular =)

BK said...

And we all just need to remember that one day people will be looking at the clothing WE are wearing today and calling it cheesy too! LOL!

The one article of clothing I miss from the 80's is my pair of "Born to Boogie" suspenders. That reference won't mean anything unless you're familiar with Hank Williams Jr's music. I wonder if I bought a plain pair of suspenders if someone could embroider that on for me? I know nothing about sewing and the like.

Yeah, crazy, I know. But still....

Nancy Kimball said...

That's true, BK, though I'm pretty much a t-shirt and jeans girl so I hope that stays pretty classic =)

Melissa said...

Cool post! Takes me back. And, looking at Billy, I think my brother once owned that outfit. LOL

Diane Dean White said...

Wow, these styles do take me back...but I love the
mint green on those guys! It's fun to remember the
things we did and how the times have changed. :)

Tara said...

I actually own the full set of barrel furniture. That is some heavy shit. If you do not screw the table top to the base then you could store stuff in the barrel but the tabletop is quite heavy. We have the couch,/loveseat sectional with a table in the corner, the dining set with 4 chairs, 2 end tables and the 2 matching barrel lamps. It's hideous. lol

Nancy Kimball said...

WOW, Tara, LOL. That's fantastic! =) Thanks for sharing that.

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