February 5, 2012

Research Help Needed

Hey blog readers, I've had so much going on this week including my guest appearance HERE in Seekerville and massive contest prepping this week. ;-) Out of all this controlled chaos came an idea for a new historical that has hit the afterburners of my passion for research. The thing is I'm so busy right now with other obligations I won't be able to get to this for a while and would love if you could give me a head start.
And I'll BRIBE you for it. (See bottom of post.)

I'm looking for print resources and websites (Wikipedia doesn't count, I can find that myself, LOL) about:
  • Timbisha Shoshone tribe of Native Americans, specifically in the late 1800's
  • The Borax 20 mule teams (anything related to them)
  • Geography, flora, and fauna of the Death Valley/ Mojave Desert region
  • General American history in the 1880's - 1890's
Leave me links to good articles or non-fiction titles in the comments and for every unique website and resource I'll put your name in a drawing for one of my books from Meet the Christian Author Night - BEYOND ALL MEASURE by Dorothy Love. (Description HERE) So go get googling!


Whitney said...

Haha. I am intrigued! Funny how you continue to get ideas for other stories long before you've finished the one you're currently working on!

I want to know the general synop for this new idea. DO tell. As you know, my WIP is set in 1897, so I could share some, more generic information I’ve found online (period clothing, currency, manners, etc).


http://www.fashion-era.com/the_society_hostess.htm (LOVE this site)


Nancy Kimball said...

You rock, Whitney! And I know, I HATE getting great ideas in the middle of writing a great idea because I can't keep up, haha. But this one is really strong. Unseen Love is a little more than half written but I've been thinking next would be the sequel to Lion or the Revolutionary historical romance but this came out of nowhere. It would be a straight historical with romantic elements like Lion which means I would get to stay in hero POV way more which you know I just LOVE, haha. We'll have to see how firmly this stays with me when I finish Unseen Love. I'm slowly but surely working up a nice body of work. You're so in for the drawing for Beyond All Measure! Thanks for your help, I totally missed your WIP is this same time period. Good to know!

Whitney said...

Oh, interesting! I look forward to seeing this new idea progress. :p

I could share other information about said time period I've found through my own research, but I doubt you need knowledge nuggests about gold rushes. ; )

I wrote over 800 words today! Woot! You have to remember, I'm getting back into author-shape after a long break.

Nancy Kimball said...

Whitney, you win Dorothy Love's Beyond All Measure. =)Be checking that mailbox my friend.