May 26, 2012

Good To Be Here

A week ago today, I was reminded of what really matters to me. My church was having baptism weekend and though I didn't know anyone being baptized after service, I stayed to witness as our Pastor encouraged our church family. By taking the time to do that, I was reminded in a fresh and real way of a saying a wise man once told me.

There are only two things in this life that are eternal, the Word of God and people. Invest your time wisely.

I'll be honest, my plan was to watch a few and then head home and get back to my editing. I am a weekend writing warrior and Sunday is "prime real-estate" for my writing. Especially because here in Houston, summer is already here and it was hot outside, and I'd forgotten my sunglasses. But as watched the love of Christ pouring out through our pastors, and the joy on the faces of strangers who are strangers no more as they would rise from the water, my spirit was in awe.

Nothing else mattered. Nothing. Nothing but celebrating every person fulfilling the Lord's commandment and rejoicing with them, Jesus and the angels in Heaven. My edits didn't matter, lunch didn't matter, and for over an hour, I was part of something special. Men, women, entire families, of all shapes and sizes were making their public declaration of faith and all that kept pouring through my mind was "Lord, it's good for us to be here."

I couldn't remember what disciple said it, or where exactly they were and what was happening, I just knew that in that moment I understood exactly what was in the heart of that disciple. It was good for me to be there. Later when I looked it up in my bible, Matthew 17:4 I thanked the Lord for allowing me to know what Peter knew in that moment.

I love to write. I truly do, and I write a lot, and I'm good at it. But no award I'll ever win, best-seller list I'll make, or letter from a fan will ever touch me as deeply or matter as much to me as knowing Jesus and making Jesus known, and celebrating when another soul has stepped from death into eternal life through Christ. Something so deeply moving that every place in my soul is crying out "Lord, it's good for me to be here."

Am I happy dancing when my friends make their first sales? You bet! When they final or win contests? You bet! When they sign with agents or have their first book release, or their fifteenth book releases? You bet!
Will I celebrate when it's my turn? You know it! But it's not quite the same as seeing someone accept Christ as their savior or be baptized and fulfill the Lord's example. And I'm grateful that I've grown to the place in my life, as an author and a follower of Christ, that I recognize that.


Clari Dees said...

Amen! Love this!

Nancy Kimball said...

Thanks, Clari. Welcome. =)