June 21, 2012

Coming Soon - Featured Fiction Heroes

Hero Junkies Unite!

I want to thank my blog readers and followers for their patience with my learning curve and reward you for it.

So far my blog has been another car on an overcrowded blog highway because good writing coaches told me to blog so I did. I've been all over the place with my posts. Some writing tips learned the hard way, some personal experiences that demanded to be shared, and author interviews with giveaways that were so fun. (Don't worry, we're keeping that part.)

I knew I was failing you by my stat counter and debated carpooling with fellow writers, which many have done successfully, but to talk about what? Writing? As a follower of great writing blogs like Seekerville, The Writers Alley, and more, I knew better than to try to compete with them for your time. If you only have fifteen minutes at lunch or between the kids' baths to read a blog about writing, you should be reading theirs. Seriously, I learned so much from them.

So what did I have to offer the blog-world that no one else could? And the answer came so fast I wanted to put on my pointiest cowboy boots and kick myself for not seeing it sooner. I am a hero girl. I am addicted to literary heroes and I know how to recognize a great one that a book cover or a blurb might not do justice.

My name is Nancy Kimball, and I'm a Hero Junkie. 
(In case my banner hasn't made that obvious.)

Shockingly, because I know a lot of other hero junkies, some who are authors, there is no blog dedicated to literary heroes that I could find. There were lots of posts about heroes in other blogs, but no blog dedicated to discovering and discussing swoon-worthy fiction heroes. And secretly I'm glad, because now there is.
<Rather, there will be soon. RIGHT HERE!>

  • The blog will soon be featuring a new fictional hero at least once a month from a title released in the last twenty-four months.
  • A blurb or summary of the hero's novel will be included and a brief bio 
  • The featured hero will receive a set of scores on the following criteria:
Swoon Score (That one doesn't really need explaining. ;-)
Swagger Factor (I'll be using the Urban definition but the Webster one works too.)

Softie Rating (Is that rugged exterior a cover up for a sensitive side?)  
Stupid Strike (Because the best heroes will do some pretty stupid things sometimes.)


So now you know what's coming and I look forward to bringing you a true hero-girl's insider view of some swoon-worthy heroes and their stories. Some will be new to you as my goal is not to rehash the greats like Mr. Darcy and Michael Hosea. (If you don't know who those men are, find a farm-raised catfish and smack yourself in the face as hard as you can. Then get your hands on a copy of Pride & Prejudice and Redeeming Love.) Since it would be unfair to tempt you with these heroes without giving you a chance to win their novels, the author or I will provide a giveaway copy as often as possible. Those who may already know the featured hero can share how their scores compare and those readers who are being introduced to the featured hero can share why they want to read them, or whatever makes them happy. If I know one thing about fellow hero-girls it's that funny and fun things happen when we gather. =)

When suitably appropriate, the "Cougar Alert" will be issued when our featured hero is on the younger side. I've been reading some young adult (YA) and fantasy lately and have to say, some of these seventeen and nineteen year old heroes can certainly bring out the inner Puma Concolor you didn't know was there.
It's okay. I have one too. And yes, occasionally it roars.
So then, hero junkies, WELCOME. Tell me some literary heroes you would like to see featured or who your favorites are, or your best hero-girl moment? Or if you want to just talk about that swagger picture, that would be okay too. I could have bought a few hardbacks with what the photos for this one blog post cost, but you guys are worth it. Lastly, how worried are you about the feature containing spoilers and is that important to you?


April W Gardner said...

Woot woot! Can't wait for the show to start!!

Nancy Kimball said...

Thank you, April. Sunday July 1st we feature our first hero.

Anonymous said...

Nancy, this is a GREAT idea. I personally love the "Softie" photo. Awwww.

I think a Spoiler alert should be issued several spaces above any "confidential" info. :D

Mr. Knightly of "Emma" by Jane Austen
Gilbert Blythe of "Anne and of Green Gables" by L.M.M.
Alec Fletcher of "The Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries" by Carola Dunn

I have lots more!