December 15, 2012

Hero of the Year - 2012

Congrats to Dani and Cole!

In addition to serious bragging rights of having authored the winning hero (out of 178 votes cast over two weeks), Dani will be receiving this framed certificate in a super-cheap yet still awesome document frame we hope will bring her smiles for years to come while she's writing us more FHF-worthy heroes.

If you would like to revisit Cole's hero feature, you may do so here.

If you've not had the good fortune to visit Dani's website and SEE this hero for yourself, go here.

The drawing winner for any book of their choice from those featured in 2012 is... drumroll...

Lisa (

More good news... the first two heroes of 2013 have already been chosen and slotted to appear January 1st and January 15th. You guys are going to LOVE them.

Even more good news... 

If you aren't Dani Pettrey or Lisajdeese, you probably need something to take the sting of disappointment out and that's perfectly natural. So, grab your camera phone and keep reading...


Prize: The FHF Orange Head of Awesome
(yes, there really is such a thing AND it has a $25 Amazon gift-card taped to the bottom.)

Contest: The best orange head photo as selected by me &
Eric Templeton.

Be creative! Have your kid draw it on the driveway in sidewalk chalk. Draw it in the snow with orange Jello-packets. Paint your husband's face orange and use colored hair-spray!

E-mail the picture to fictionherofeatures (at)
As they come in I will be uploading them to the new
Orange Heads Everywhere page.
A winner will be chosen and announced the day after Christmas.


Clari Dees said...

I voted for Cole and am so happy he won. Can't wait for Shattered.

Whitney said...

I haven't read this Cole McKenna fellow. He sounds like quite a readers' man. ; ) Congrats to Dani (I love this female name) and Lisa!

Orange head? Like, you want me to pour Tang over my head? :p I know I won't win that one. ; )


Nancy Kimball said...

I was already looking forward to Shattered. Then I might have seen that photo of Landon on Dani's sight and suddenly it became MUST.HAVE.NOW. LOL

Nancy Kimball said...

White, Cole was great. He has so many fantastic one liners that have stuck in my head all this time like.....
1. "Don't call her that."
2. "I don't dive there anymore."
3. "Take me instead." <What ABSOLUTELY catapulted him into FHF

I want you to send me a pic of your best orange head. Come on, you can do it! Get inspiration from Emma =)

happygret said...

I liked Cole but really what did it for me with the story was the ensemble cast. I can't wait for Shattered!
Hmm. Orange Jell-o in the snow. As if I need an excuse to play in the white stuff.

Dani Pettrey said...

Thanks SO much, Clari :)

Dani Pettrey said...


LOL! Isn't he a cutie?

Dani Pettrey said...

Thanks, Gret. So glad you enjoyed the McKennas :) Merry Christmas to you!

Dani Pettrey said...

Thanks so much, Nancy! I really appreciate it. Thank you to everyone that voted. Cole is quite flattered and probably a little embarrassed :)

Ganise said...

Whoo-hoo, Dani! *Smiling*.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!


Ganise said...

Congrats to Lise also. And thank you to Nancy for hosting.
Merry Christmas All!

Nancy Kimball said...

Yep, I loved when their family was together! One of my fave scenes. Cocoa powder... who knew, LOL

Nancy Kimball said...

HAHA. Yeah, I could see him blushing a little from all the attention. We love him! Thank you for penning him and sharing him with us here at FHF.

Nancy Kimball said...

Ganise my friend! Great to see you and Merry Christmas and may your stocking be full of books!