January 15, 2014

Fletcher's Dad

We can explain. January 1st slid by Joy and me with no hero to feature. January 15th was upon us and still no orange-head hero. Trust me it pains us more than it does you, hero-girls but it would pain us even more to put a man in our proud lineup who doesn't truly deserve to be here. So we keep reading hard and fast and hope that some new prospects (God bless you, Jennie W!) pan out soon.

So... who is Fletcher's Dad then?

Fletcher's dad is a genuine bona fide orange head hero, only he's not fictional. What he is though is an amazing dad and the kind of man Joy and I are looking for when we read. When we find the next one, he'll be here ASAP. Until then, if you don't know who Fletcher's dad Allan is or why he is a real-life orange head hero, keep reading.

If you want to share a real-life orange head hero story or a link to one, please do in the comments!


Clari Dees said...

I like reading about real-life heroes as much as I like reading about fictional ones. ☺

This story has been going around FB and other websites this last week and you may have seen it, but it has stuck with me. A real life hero to a little girl and her momma.
He'd make a good fictional hero, too. :-)
Dear Daddy in seat 16C

What happened next

Nancy Kimball said...

Okay so that TOTALLY made me cry and warmed my heart!!! =)
Here's another real life hero story dear to my heart also. Right here in my home town.

Nancy Kimball said...

Waiter hailed as a hero

Clari Dees said...

Bravo, Houston waiter! Bravo!

Gretchen E.K. Engel said...

I love the Houston waiter! He totally rocks. Fletcher's dad too. Or the guy in 16C. Or really any good dad.