May 5, 2011

Why not? (James 4:2)

"... you have not because you ask not." James 4:2

That, and some good advice that if you don't try you guarantee failure, was how I decided to e-mail Professor Coleman at Harvard for some research on the gladiator portion of CHASING THE LION. Truthfully, I did not expect a response, as I have been ignored once already by another college professor I reached out to *cough* U of H *cough* But she e-mailed me back! And graciously offered to send me everything I asked for. I was floored and just praised the Lord so much! I used to laugh when Charlyne Steinkamp would say she prays for a parking space, but now I don't. It reminds me of that women's event I attended years ago that changed my life. I remember it like it was this morning.

It was a room full of a dozen or so round tables, each seating about eight ladies. I took my seat with my friend at a table with two other ladies and we made introductions. One asked, "Nancy, are you going to win a door prize?" "I don't know," I answered. She looks to her friend and says "Nancy doesn't know. How about you, are you going to win a door prize?" Her friend said "Oh yes, I'm claiming it in the name of Jesus." She said "Me too. Now let's try again. Nancy, are you going to win a door prize?" Feeling like a fool, and a little sacrilegious to be quite honest, I said "Yes, I'm going to win a door prize." My friend "claimed" one too. So I had forgot about this until the first door prize went to her friend. Then the second one went to my friend. The third one went to the woman at the table next to us. The next one went to her and the other ladies started screaming "RIGGED!!!" and I'm just FLIPPING OUT. So she stood up and gave the testimony. Other ladies were amazed, skeptical, etc. and one came and moved to our table, but there was an uproar when SHE won the next one. And I won the last one. I can tell you the prize was one of those cheap cloth totes, in lime green with a devotional book, a bookmark, and a pastry inside. But the real prize was God showing me what faith can do. Not so much mine, but the woman across from me who led us. And the power of agreement. Over something as silly as a door prize. And I'm so grateful that he did, because there came a time I wasn't claiming a door prize in faith. I was claiming a resurrected marriage. Thus began my own journey to chase the lion, and I'm so grateful for all the Lord has done and continues to do. Not just in my own faith journey, but in the journey of this book.

I have had a lot of plot developments this week, and something I learned about Jonathan, he's left handed. Who knew? I certainly did not haha. Which sounds so ridiculous to anyone not a writer. I made my goal of 10,000 words in two days this past weekend, but haven't been able to write much this week. (A blessing though.) My "great work" trumped writing the past two nights but tonight I was able to sit down and write, picking up where I had left off on Sunday.I'm bummed my test reader was able to only read one of the last three chapters I sent... so I'll have to look at what weakness there was at the chapter closing that did not prompt continuing. (Learned from the Stephen King: Memoirs of the Craft book, which is still been the most helpful of all the craft books I've consumed to date. And there have been many!)

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