About Joy

 Joy W. Doering was born and raised in southwestern PA in a house of a thousand dreams. Her family moved to Montana in August 2003, where she eventually met and married her husband. They now have two beautiful daughters. Joy is often kidnapped by books, and loves every moment of it. But her very favorite heroes are the ones still trapped inside her imagination. She spends her free time studying the writing craft and working on her books. Her dream is to one day share her stories with the world, to the glory of God.

What’s your favorite black and white film?
That would be 'Arsenic and Old Lace' with Cary Grant, or 'Angel and the Badman' with John Wayne. And 'The Stooge' - best Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis movie ever. 

What is one obscure book, movie, or television show that you recommend?
American Pickers! I love that show. For a movie? 'Till the Clouds Roll By'. 

Favorite screen/literary couple?
Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth Bennet (obviously). 

If you could steal any movie/television character’s wardrobe, who would it be? 
I love the gowns that Eowyn wears in Lord of the Rings. But for functional outfits, I would definitely like Ziva's (NCIS) closet, and my choice of Abby's shoes. :) 

What is your favorite "hero" movie? 
Lord of the Rings, FOTR, TT, & ROTK (extended editions). It's pretty much a hero buffet. I love the epic struggle, and find myself relating to different characters each time I watch it. 

What was your favorite movie growing up?
Disney's animated Robin Hood.  (My ranking of Robin Hood actors is as follows: Russell Crowe, Errol Flynn, the Fox, & Kevin Costner) 
What is your favorite dessert?
That would be cheesecake- in all it's grand and glorious forms. 

If you could meet any hero from history, who would it be & why? 
My grandfather. I would like to give him a big hug, and tell him how much I love him.

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