How Does This Work?

For a handful of readers, a novel is only as good as its hero. When these readers hear or see Pride & Prejudice, their first thought is not literary classic. Their first thought is Mr. Darcy.

This blog is for them.

Finding great heroes previously involved digging through reader reviews and trusting the front cover and blurb on the back. Then it was hit or miss when it came to the hero inside. So in May, 2012, after a year of trying to find myself and my audience with this blog, my purpose became clear.

Fiction Hero Features is a natural extension of three things I am passionate about:
Reading. Writing. Exceptional heroes.

How are heroes chosen to be featured?

They audition.

As an author and avid reader, I'm always prowling for an exceptional hero in any genre of Christian fiction (historical, contemporary, fantasy, suspense, etc.). I find many of them on my own but welcome nominations through comments on this page, on my facebook page where you can't scroll more than a few seconds before hitting a good hero discussion anyway, or the dedicated form <click here>.

Round 1
  • If the nominated hero's novel is already released, I investigate the novel and its reviews on Amazon and Goodreads looking for a summary and reviews that reflect strong hero potential. Those that do go immediately into the TBR pile. (To Be Read). If the novel is not yet commercially released, I request an ARC. (Advance Reader Copy).
Round 2
  • I read the novel. That should seem like a given, but a necessary evil in the blog world is not every interview or article about a novel is by someone who has actually read the book. Not here. The only way to truly get to know a hero is in their pages.
Round 3
  • If I find the hero FHF worthy, I already want to reread his story and cast him in the movie I hope they make, his name makes the short list for a possible feature. If the hero doesn't advance to this round, it doesn't mean he isn't a good hero or the novel wasn't good. It means while I enjoyed the story, I already know I won't be able to recall his best lines or his finest hero moments  long after I've finished reading.I'm looking for the heroes who get in your soul.
Round 4
  • From that semi-final list that is always changing, future openings for feature slots and the release dates of the titles are considered as well as the time in my schedule allocated to blogging. The competition among the heroes at this level is quite intense. It is also where I acutely understand the dilemmas faced by acquisition editors at major publishing houses.
Round 5
  • Contact the author for permissions, cover images, quotation requests, the Fiction Hero Feature exclusive fact, determine giveaways, and schedule a feature date for the hero. This is the final round and if successful on all sides, the feature is written and you will see them on the blog.

Understanding the Scores

At FHF, there is no such thing as a bad score. The scores are to rate the intensity of the different aspects of a hero's character. This helps readers correlate what they prize most in a hero and gauge his fit to their hero tastes. Personally, I gravitate to a wounded hero, others gravitate to a gallant hero, etc.


Cathy Richmond said...

Great blog! I'd like to nominate the hero from Spring for Susannah, Jesse Mason.

Nancy Kimball said...

It's a good thing you did. =)

Melissa Jagears said...

So I made you a button. Let me know if you ever make an official one! Evidently my photoshop doesn't have your font, so I just made it close.

Karen Lyons said...

wow love your blog! I have too many favorite authors I could list several but, I have not read the Wishing on Willows books...

Nancy Kimball said...

Thank you, Karen. Joy and I are glad to have you. =)

Salyna xD said...

This is so cool! New Follower! I wish I would have thought of this for my blog!:)

Nancy Kimball said...

Thank you, Salyna, we look forward to getting to know you and your hero tastes. =)

Jennie W said...
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Jennie W said...
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Jennie W said...
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Jennie W said...
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Nancy Kimball said...

Jennie, You. Are. Awesome. THANK YOU FOR THIS! We have been in a desperate drought as you can tell.

Jennie W said...
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Katherine Good said...
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