December 17, 2018

Three Male Fictional Characters That We Secretly Want to Date

Dreaming about fictional characters is a typical thing for a lot of us. We secretly dream about them being real. Some articles claim that it can be dangerous, as fantasizing about fictional characters leads to being unable to fall in love for real men. But characters from your favourite book are so suggestive that who cares that it won't let you find the real man? Moreover, if you don't have mental problems you can real men from fictionalized characters. So, let's check out the top three male fictional characters that we secretly want to date.

Mr. Darcy from "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen

When you think about characters that you secretly want to date, classic romance novels that stood the test of time are inescapable. Fitzwilliam Darcy or, as he most commonly referred to, Mr. Darcy is one of the two main characters of Jane Austen's classic "Pride and Prejudice" (1813). Darcy is the romantic interest of Elizabeth Bennet, novel's main protagonist. Both of them represent novel's title. Elizabeth represents prejudice, while Darcy represents pride. He is the typical boy of whom you consider to be worse than he actually is. And that's why you continue fantasizing about him.

Laurie from "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott

Theodore Laurence or Laurie, as he mainly referred to in the novel, is the secondary character in Louisa May Alcott's novel "Little Women" (1868-1869). He is your typical boy next door, while being a rich outsider at the same time. As both of his parents died, he was adopted and raised by his overprotective grandfather. He later falls in love with and marries Amy, and they have one child. Many critics consider him to be a bit underdeveloped as character. Even Alcott herself acknowledged that unlike female characters, Laurence, as the vast majority of male characters, is not multidimensional. But that's exactly what makes female readers long for him. There must be something more to him than what the novels leaves us with.

Tyler Durden from "Fight Club" bu Chuck Palahniuk

Tyler is your typical bad boy. He is charismatic and enigmatic, and a little bit crazy. Blame Brad Pitt's portrayal of Tyler Durden in David Fincher's movie adaptation, but Palahniuk's novel is just enough to start fantasizing about him. And unlike the previous two characters mentioned he is less dangerous for you. You won't stop falling in love for real men because of fantasizing about Tyler, as he is not real even in the novel.