December 19, 2018

Top Three Fictional Female Characters We'd Love to Date

When you are an adult, the idea about fantasizing about fictional characters seems a little bit ridiculous. While it is believed that mainly fantasize about male characters from romance novels, men also dream about dating female protagonists and antagonists from literature. And you can see where it's coming from. A real woman, regardless of whether she is femme fatale or girl next door, remains a mystery. A fictional characters can be more or less understood via reading the novel. That's why we dream about dating them. Well, let's check out the top three fictional characters we'd love to date without further ado.

Emma Woodhouse from "Emma" by Jane Austen

When it comes to romance and characters that readers fall for, Jane Austen is inescapable. Emma Woodhouse is the main protagonist in Austen's classic "Emma" (1815). The opening sentence of the novel calls Emma "handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and a happy disposition". While writing the novel, Jane Austen stated that in Emma she wanted to depict a heroine that no one, except for author herself, would like. But Austen was ultimately wrong. While we may think that the "handsome" adjective is the key one, all other adjectives are also absolutely true about the title-character. Who wouldn't want to date a girl who is beautiful, clever and rich?

Lisbeth Salander from "Millennium"-series by Stieg Larsson

Since her appearance in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (2005) Lisbeth Salander became everyone's favourite bad girl. In one of the few interviews that Stieg Larsson gave, he said that one of the main inspiration for the character was him trying to figure out what Pippi Longstocking might have been like an adult. She is a complete badass heroine with quite a dark background. Sometimes it feels like she was design to terrify men. And yes men do feel terrified by her, but at the same time, she is the one you would really want to date.

Hermoine Granger from "Harry Potter"-series by J.K. Rowling

It is extremely hard to deal with someone like Hermoine Granger in real life. She is beautiful, smart and loyal. She's her own harshest critic. Sometimes you may get the feeling that she doesn't really need anyone. That's what makes her even more charming. But everyone needs her. As Ron puts it in the last novel of the series "Deathly Hallows" (2007): "We wouldn't last two days without her". You definitely have a crush on Hermoine, if you prefer girls who are close to perfection.