December 15, 2013

2013 HOTY (See how that spells hottie?)

So Joy discovered that Hero Of The Year = HOTY and I loved it! I loved it as much as the 2013 Fiction Hero Features Hero of the Year... Landon Grainger!

Meet Landon Grainger from Shattered by Dani Pettrey!
If you've never visited author Dani Pettrey's reader fun page, you need to! Seriously.

The hero-girls and FHF friends cast an incredible 239 votes for a very tight race where the Alaskan Courage men, Landon and Gage battled it out for first everyday with Silas Ballantyne and Briggs nipping at their heels the whole way, chased by every single one of our orange-headed heroes who all had some reader love. Ah... reader love. =)

Joy here! Nancy and I know that it was a really hard decision to choose this year's HOTY. We hope you will take some consolation in the fact that you gave us almost as hard a time choosing the best email addresses. After quite a bit of deliberation, Nancy and I agreed to choose our top 5 favorites and send them to each other. And would you girls believe it- FOUR of them were exactly the same! (I know, I know, shocking.) But we hit a snag.

See, Nancy has read some books that I haven't, and vice versa. Discounting the entry just because we hadn't read (and loved) each other's hero seemed wrong. So instead of eliminating our unique choices, we decided to give them an Honorable Mention, and a book each. So without further ado, the winners of their choice of any book from the 2013 heroes featured are.......

Abbi Hart for her entry of ironviolinist(at)blacksmith(dot)com

Salyna for her entry of richestoragsandback(at)escape(dot)com

Caitlyn for her entry of strongenough(at)yancyalaska(dot)gov

Lady DragonKeeper for her entry of iamedge(at)hotmail(dot)com

And now for our Honorable Mention winners:

Nancy chose Lady DragonKeeper for her entry of LivingLizard(at)CornerstoneFellowship(dot)org

Joy chose Natalie Flores for her entry of earnest_engineer(at)anon(dot)com

BUT WAIT! There's more!!! Nancy and I loved ALL the other entries so much, that we want to give those of you who didn't win one more chance! We are plugging the remaining email addys into a survey. Since you all did such a fantastic job choosing HOTY (yes, I just like saying it) 2013, we want you to have the opportunity to choose your favorite email address, too!

The winner of the 2nd Chance vote gets their choice of a $25 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card.

Hero girls, it's time for another vote!(Voting closed and winner announced Christmas Eve.)

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December 1, 2013

Vote Now for the 2013 Hero of the Year

Joy and Nancy here! Has it been a year already? Crazy.
We'd like to continue our December tradition and close 2013 with a hero-girl selected HERO OF THE YEAR from among those featured here at FHF.

The hero receiving the most votes will be announced in the December 15th post as the Fiction Hero Features 2013 Hero of the Year,  along with some not-to-be-missed giveaways. That winning hero's author will receive a framed certificate together with some pretty serious bragging rights. Those with keen eyes will notice Michael Hosea wasn't included in the vote. Most of you will know why but for that that don't, most every reader I know uses him as the standard by which all others are judged. Like Jesus. So we didn't include him. =)

Without its amazing fans and supporters, FHF would just be another blog out there in cyberspace. We've had the privilege of getting to know quite a few of you but would like to get to know even more about my fellow hero-addicts. After you vote, please leave a comment with pretend e-mail addresses for any (or as many as you can) of our featured heroes this year. It should be something that helps us identify him because the three best ones will be chosen by Joy and I and the winners will receive the book of their choice from any hero featured this year. (If you need help or hints check the giveaway section of any hero feature.)

Winners will be announced together with the FHF Hero of the Year on December 15th. Authors of featured heroes are eligible to participate! As always, if you are not a blog follower with your e-mail address in your profile, please leave your e-mail address in an anti-spammer format like (at) FHF2013 (dotcom)

Get some orange (and vote for my hero) at <= Click to tweet.
Because we're all about sharing the hero love. =D

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